Wind, solar or biomass? Why a feasibility report is a good idea

Are you looking to use a renewable energy source but unsure which one is going to work for you? Have you been shown great returns but don’t believe the salesman?

How do I get the best payments for the electricity I export to the grid?

So, your wind turbine or solar PV panels have finally been installed. The wind is blowing and the sun is shining. You’re getting Feed-in Tariff payments for the energy you’re generating ... but are you getting paid for the excess electricity you are exporting?

What drives energy prices and how easy is it to forecast them?

When it comes to energy, the one thing that most of us would like to know is, “What will happen to our gas and electricity prices over the next 12 months?”

How to terminate your energy contract successfully

If you have signed a contract or accepted a verbal agreement with an energy supplier, you should be aware of your obligation under their terms and conditions to give the correct notice to leave when your contract expires.

How will P272 affect you and what is it anyway?

A survey commissioned by Npower claims that 81 per cent of British retailers are unaware of forthcoming legislation P272. This legislation will mean changes to how energy is measured and billed for businesses across the UK.

What are Triads ... and will they affect you?

The 'Triad season' is a four-month winter period, during which the National Grid looks back to find the three half-hour periods when electricity demand was highest in the UK. These are known as the 'Triad' demand periods.


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