TRIAD update and historical analysis

Pre-winter 2019-2020 Changes to TRIAD Rates

Design services – in depth

Need help designing your heating system? Unsure if your existing equipment is suitable for your new project? At FEC Energy we can help you size your system to ensure you end up with something that meets your needs. We have experience in most renewable technologies, including biomass boilers, CHP,

Are TRIADs coming to an end?

Proposals being considered by OFGEM may significantly reduce TRIAD income for embedded generators (EG).

Everything you need to know about STOR - Short Term Operation Reserve

National Grid keeps a watchful eye over our national power needs as it is a fine balancing act satisfying demand with supply. To this end it needs reserve power, either as generation or demand reduction, to be able to counteract any extra demand for power that was not forecast or when plants they

Guy & Wright – a case study with Rob Jones

Rob Jones of Guy & Wright explains how using FEC Energy saved him money, time and stress!

Wind, solar or biomass? Why a feasibility report is a good idea

Are you looking to use a renewable energy source but unsure which one is going to work for you? Have you been shown great returns but don’t believe the salesman?

What are Triads ... and will they affect you?

The 'Triad season' is a four-month winter period, during which the National Grid looks back to find the three half-hour periods when electricity demand was highest in the UK. These are known as the 'Triad' demand periods.