Electric Vehicle Services - How we can help

An important part of our journey to net zero is the increased use of electric vehicles. To date there are over 300,000 EVs on the UK roads. 62% of these are charged at home and 24% charged at the workplace.

Many sites ( business and domestic ) are now considering the installation of electric vehicle charging points, both to help with the charging of family run vehicles but also to provide charging for business vehicles and for on-site help to visitors at sites such as caravan parks and farm shops.

Here at NFU Energy we have partnered with a range of suppliers to provide a full service to help you with the installation of charging points, help with the funding that is available and a full range of advice on the installation and management of the charging points.

This is a no obligation service that is free to NFU members. NFU Energy earns commission on successfully installed projects, but this is paid by our installer partners and is not added onto the price you pay.

What is included:

Our quotes include the following:

  • An OZEV -authorised Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) installer
  • 3-year warranty on all EV chargers
  • Managed Customer Service providing real-time network status monitoring, usage reporting, tariff setting, plus much more. You’ll also have access to call centres for 24/7 operational support and driver assistance

For us to assess which of your range of work vehicles are right for switching to EV see our Vehicle Telemetry Service page.


To encourage more of us to go electric, the OZEV/EVHS (Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme) reduces the cost of a home electric car charger by up to £350.*   The grant cap is set at £350 (including VAT ) per socket. Your business can apply for up to 40 sockets, meaning if you qualify, you could save up to £14,000.

Be prepared

If you are interested in EV charging points, our agents will ask a number of qualification questions to determine your suitability for the OZEV grant:

1. Do you have off road parking (If no – not qualified for grant)

2. Do you own your land or have land owners permission to make alterations to your site? (If no – not qualified for grant)

Even if you don't qualify for the Government grant, we still have access to other discounts. If this is of interest to you, simply fill out the form and one of the agents will be in touch, or if you have any additional questions, call us on 024 7669 6512.