How can a SMART meter help you save money?

You may have heard of SMART meters, which give an online indication of your energy consumption at any moment. They’re not new. In fact, larger users have had SMART meters for years – although they might not have known it.

Do you have to pay to have a pole moved?

You are putting up a new building. That electricity pole is in your way and you need to get it moved.  So who pays? If you ring the Distribution Electricity Operator (DNO) and ask, they’ll probably give you a quote. And it won’t be cheap.    

How to ensure you have safe clearance on an overhead line

One of the most common queries our clients have about overhead line systems is how near they can get to them whilst still being safe.

How to obtain a new or reinforced electricity supply

When electricity services to farms or nurseries are installed or altered (e.g. supply capacity is increased or a single-phase supply is converted to three phase), there are usually major costs incurred in reinforcing or re-engineering the supply network. As the customer, you are usually asked to

Codlaw Renewable Energy – a case study with David Ireland

David Ireland is Director of Codlaw Renewable Energy which has a 1099 kW AD plant in Hexham and is one of our Utility Account Management clients.

The six Cs of energy saving

Ever had a dripping tap? Most of us have. It annoys the hell out of you for a while and then you get it fixed - the annoyance goes away and, as a result of stopping the drip, you also end up saving money on your water bill.

Spotting energy leaks in buildings - how thermal imaging can help

Thermal imaging used to be regarded as a rather exotic and expensive way of spotting heat leaks in buildings. But with the advent of accurate portable handheld equipment, it’s now a cost-effective and convenient way of pinpointing where problem areas lie.

Practical steps to improve refrigeration efficiency

There’s a common misconception that there’s little you can do to improve the efficiency of your refrigeration system. Many think you simply install it and run it and that it performs in a set or given way over time, with little difference between one system and the next.

Everything you need to know about STOR - Short Term Operation Reserve

National Grid keeps a watchful eye over our national power needs as it is a fine balancing act satisfying demand with supply. To this end it needs reserve power, either as generation or demand reduction, to be able to counteract any extra demand for power that was not forecast or when plants they

Guy & Wright – a case study with Rob Jones

Rob Jones of Guy & Wright explains how using FEC Energy saved him money, time and stress!


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