Thursday 1st of September 2016 | Posted In: Design Services

Design services – in depth

Need help designing your heating system? Unsure if your existing equipment is suitable for your new project?

At FEC Energy we can help you size your system to ensure you end up with something that meets your needs. We have experience in most renewable technologies, including biomass boilers, CHP, solar power, wind power and anaerobic digesters.


Whether you are heating growing spaces (for example, greenhouses or polytunnels) or buildings or drying material such as grain or woodchip, we can guide you. We typically start with working out your heat usage; this could be from heat loss calculations, previous heat/fuel usage or heating requirement calculations. This provides us with a great starting point to match your usage with the appropriate technology.

Once the technology has been selected, we can provide you with a few options on how to connect this into your system. This could be a brand new heating system or an existing system with the addition of other heat sources. We can help provide ideas for convenient and practical locations for the equipment and help size the pipes needed to transport the heat to the required locations.

With the system designed, we can produce a comprehensive schematic outlining the equipment required, pipe sizes, heat exchanger sizes and pump requirements. This should provide enough information for an installer to begin work.

Should there be any issues or changes to the system, we will be available to discuss them throughout the project.


If your requirement is for electricity, either instead of or as well as heat, we will work with you to find the ideal solution. We can consider your on-site requirements and size the system accordingly.

If you don’t need all of the electricity your system will produce it may be possible to become an exporter to the grid, providing you with another source of income. In this case our teams can assist you, from establishing the relevant connections to the grid to setting up the necessary agreements.