How it works

Businesses are eligible to join the CCL scheme if the following criteria can be met:

  • Operating in the eligible sectors and carrying out the following:
    • Pigs - Rear indoor pigs for meat production
    • Poultry - Rear poultry for egg or meat production
    • Horticulture - Grow crops within a protected environment such as a greenhouse
  • 70% or more of total site energy is used on the eligible operation as listed above.
  • Adequate data and metering is in place to accurately record energy usage.

Our online CCL Calculator can help you determine how much savings can be made being members of the scheme.

If you currently hold a Climate Change Agreement or wish to join, our CCL experts can assist with:

  • Supporting you through the application process and registering your business for CCL relief
  • Ensuring ongoing compliance: for instance, are you keeping sufficient records? Is your process map and 70:30 assessment up to date? Have you made any changes of which the Environment Agency should have been notified?
  • Support before and after audits: we can help to ensure you're ready for an audit and / or assist you in responding and carrying out necessary actions after an audit
  • Ensuring that you've claimed and have been receiving all the discount you've been entitled to and helping with any back claims

How you benefit

  • Reduces the burden of administering the scheme yourself – you keep all the necessary records and we provide the process, system, regular communications, and ongoing support to make all the reporting and admin as easy as possible for you.
  • Assures your compliance with the scheme for as long as it lasts – you benefit from our experience of running the scheme since it started in 2001 and we keep on top of and let you know about all scheme changes and developments.
  • Access to and simple explanations from friendly, down-to-earth advisers - to help you understand exactly what you need to do and answer any questions at any time.

What to do next

Call our CCL team on 024 7669 6512 to discuss how we can help you or members of the NFU CCL Scheme can visit its dedicated CCL website for supporting information.

The future of the CCL Scheme

While the current scheme has now been extended to March 2025, the Government's Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is currently considering options for the future. We'll update this page when further information becomes available.

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What to do next

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