Fuelling Your Future with NFU Energy: FAQs on Post-RHI Renewable Heat Opportunities
Tuesday 19th of September 2023 | Posted In: News and Views

Fuelling Your Future with NFU Energy: FAQs on Post-RHI Renewable Heat Opportunities

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme, which aimed to promote the adoption of renewable heating technologies in the UK, has officially ended. However, this doesn't mean that the opportunity to benefit from renewable heat technologies and remain compliant with the scheme's regulations has vanished. In this article, NFU Energy will address some key questions about the RHI scheme, highlighting how you can still benefit from it and the importance of staying compliant with its requirements, even after the scheme’s conclusion.

1. Did you know you can buy RHI accredited boilers and benefit from this scheme?

The RHI scheme had a fundamental goal of promoting the utilisation of renewable heating technologies, including those featuring RHI accreditation. Even if you missed the application deadline, there's still an opportunity to benefit from this scheme by purchasing an already accredited boiler. Ensuring the heating system aligns with the RHI's eligibility criteria is paramount. By investing in an RHI-accredited boiler, you can still significantly reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy the financial incentives that the scheme offers.

2. Did you know you need to get your meters recalibrated after 10 years on the RHI scheme?

Maintaining accurate measurements is essential within the RHI scheme. As a participant, you are required to ensure that your heat meters are calibrated to maintain the integrity of the data used to calculate your RHI payments. The meters should be recalibrated every ten years to guarantee precision in recording the heat generated by your renewable heating system.

3. Did you know you can replace your boiler and still receive your RHI tariff?

You can replace your existing boiler with a newer, more efficient one and continue to receive your RHI tariff. The capacity can change, you can install a smaller boiler where your Tier 1 allowance will shrink to the new boiler’s capacity, or you can install a larger boiler and your Tier 1 will remain the same as the original. You must ensure the heating system remains compliant which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the RHI scheme even after upgrading your heating system.

4. Did you know Ofgem are expected to audit your system twice within the RHI scheme?

Periodic audits by Ofgem, the regulator of the RHI scheme, are part of the program's accountability and transparency measures. Ofgem conducts these audits to verify the accuracy of the data provided by participants and to ensure ongoing compliance with the scheme's rules and regulations. By being prepared for these audits and maintaining meticulous records, you can navigate them smoothly and continue to receive your RHI payments without interruptions.

5. Did you know when you change your system you need to amend your RHI application?

Updating your RHI application is necessary when you make significant changes to your renewable heating system. This includes changing pipework, changing your heat uses or adding other boilers. Ofgem require you to notify them within 28 days of any changes by updating your application. This is to ensure your RHI payments remain accurate and compliant with the changes you've made.

The RHI scheme, despite its official closure, offers continued opportunities for businesses to adopt renewable heating technologies and reap the associated benefits. From using existing accredited boilers to staying compliant with the scheme's regulations, there's still much to gain. If you're looking for expert guidance and assistance in navigating the intricacies of the RHI scheme, NFU Energy is here to help. With our specialised knowledge and experience, we can provide invaluable support in selecting the right renewable heating solutions, ensuring compliance, and maximising your advantages within the post-RHI landscape. To find out more, contact a member of the NFU Energy team today on 024 7669 6512.