Thursday 31st of October 2019 | Posted In: Energy saving, Use and Manage

The nights are drawing in – time to be energy efficient

This weekend we moved out of BST meaning that it’s starting to get dark earlier. This isn’t the only effect of the hour change however, any equipment that you have that is controlled by a timeclock may well now be out of sync with your expected pattern of use. Now is the time to check that these settings are right and that equipment is operating when you want it. And, crucially for things like water heaters that they operate on the cheaper Economy 7 electricity times.

You may also have noticed that the temperature has dropped, especially overnight, and several mornings this week have been frosty. You should check that your pipework is well insulated, saving energy and reducing the risk of freezing, as well as checking that your frost protection thermostats are set and operate correctly.

Many of you will have turned on your heating over the last month, but how many of you have checked that the settings for time and temperature are appropriate… Timeclocks and set back thermostats to give really good opportunity to make sure that heating of mess rooms, office space or other areas is only happening when it is needed. Set back thermostats mean that a low level of background temperature can be maintained to reduce the risk of freezing and to ensure that the speed of response to usual operating temperatures is good. In infrequently used areas you could consider proximity sensors that react to people or animals to keep the heat on only when needed.

It would be difficult to write a blog about energy efficiency without mentioning lighting, it almost goes without saying now that LED lights should be considered seriously for replacement lamps or bulbs. Control is also important for lights and dusk-dawn sensors coupled with PIR control will make certain that lights are only on when they are really needed.

Spotting areas for energy efficiency can sometimes be a challenge, we have in-house experts and tools such as thermal imaging camera, light level sensors, heat metering etc. to help identify and quantify the benefits of energy efficiency. We can do this for you regardless of business size or type, to find out more give us a call on 024 7669 6512.