Thursday, 26 May 2022
Electricity pylons with a sunset in the background
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by Joshua Robinson

Return of the buying group

The volatility in the energy market has forced us all to place much more consideration on the ways in which we look at electricity. NFU Energy paused its buying groups at the end of last year with suppliers unwilling to commit to prices for more than a few days and, at times, there being no prices
Monday, 16 May 2022
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by Claire Hartry

Reports of scam phone calls claiming to be the NFU

The NFU has received reports from members who have been the target of scam phone calls from energy companies purporting to be NFU Energy. These companies have no relation to the NFU or NFU Energy and should be ignored. NFU Energy will only ever contact you to follow up an email or a planned phone
Tuesday, 10 May 2022
The front of the NFU office
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by Jenny Beynon

Meet Tammie and Lizzie…

Our team has grown again in April, and we would like to introduce you to our two new members of staff who have joined the Sales and Marketing Team.
Tuesday, 03 May 2022
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by Claire Hartry

NFU Energy out on the road

We are attending the following events this Spring/Summer. If you happen to be at any please be sure to come along and say hello to us; EnZero event for NFU Cymru
Tuesday, 26 April 2022
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by Claire Hartry

How market volatility in March impacted prices

With the added impact of sanctions, the Russian Rouble fell to even further lows in March since the initial crash on the 24th February when Russia declared war. With sanctions mounting throughout the month - and global Governments looking for alternative sources of energy - we saw dramatic
Tuesday, 19 April 2022
The front of the NFU office
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by Claire Hartry

Our team is growing…

There have been two sides to the energy crisis here at NFU Energy.
Thursday, 31 March 2022
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by Ben Ablewhite

NFU Energy management strategists can help you

Are you a large energy user spending too much time, energy and money on finding the best contract? Not sure whether to lock in a price now or wait to see if prices come down? You are not alone! Flexible procurement or ‘flex’ enables you to lock in prices for some or all of your energy at a time of
Tuesday, 29 March 2022
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by Anonymous

Reducing the UK’s dependence on Russian oil and gas

The war in Ukraine has sparked a renewed focus on energy security and, in particular, a desire to reduce the UK’s dependence on Russian oil and gas. As a consequence, the government is developing a new Energy Security Strategy which is due to be published imminently. The strategy is expected to
Thursday, 24 March 2022
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by Jenny Beynon

Gazprom's UK supply arm faces special administration

Read our top five energy-related news stories from the last couple of weeks. Energy is always in the news in one way or another, from renewable energy technology advancements and the latest from the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to advancements in energy saving and sustainability. In this blog, we
Monday, 21 March 2022
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by Jodie Hisgett

How is NFU Energy dealing with the energy crisis?

As the war in Ukraine deepens our thoughts are with those living with its devastating effects. Here in the UK, we face a different kind of crisis with the ripple effects of what’s happening being felt in our energy market, and throughout the rest of Europe.