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Thursday 7th of November 2019 | Posted In: Generate, Generating energy

Final opportunities for TRIAD Income

We have now entered the TRIAD season for 2019 – 2020 and this could be the last opportunity for generators to earn a respectable amount of money by exporting electricity.  

The four-month winter period where National Grid monitors national electricity demand and ultimately identifies the three half hourly periods where electricity demand for the nation is at its highest. Generators who support the grid at these peak times by exporting power to the grid are given cash incentives based on their level of export, and conversely, fees are levied on those who are consuming power at these times.

The decision was made by the Government in 2018 to begin to cut TRIAD rates for exported power, steadily reducing them each year until they reach a minimal level.  At present these rates sit at about 40% of what they were originally and next year will tumble further again, to around 80% of their initial value. In some areas of the UK, the benefit is removed entirely.

We would urge all customers with the capability to export power to the grid to ensure that their generation equipment is operating at its most efficient during the peak hours of the day and any controllable import power demand is reduced, in order to maximise the TRIAD income that may be earned.

Find out more about the TRIAD season here and if you would like further advice please give me a call on 024 7449 8899.