A wind farm in a field with a sunset behind
Thursday 23rd of May 2019 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Comply, Generate, Use and Manage

Capitalising on opportunities and rise to the challenges

Here at NFU Energy, we can sometimes feel like a broken record (remember them), repeating similar messages to reinforce the state of the UK energy market. However, here are some of the inalienable truths:

  1. The energy market is a volatile place
  2. General energy trends are for increased cost
  3. Compliance and the regulatory environment gets ever complex and difficult to navigate
  4. Renewable energy plays an increasingly important role
  5. Energy efficiency is boring!

This can be a challenging environment for farmers and growers to understand and goes hand in hand with the added pressures of being green, responsible, managing costs, finding good labour etc.

This environment does bring opportunities as well as challenges however. Capitalising on opportunities and rising to the challenges is the subject of the ‘We’ve Got the Power’ event being held by AgriTech East today (23 May). We are presenting at this event on how we feel farmers, and growers in particular, are able to adapt their businesses; discussing issues such as the increasingly important role of energy efficiency, consideration of smart horticulture/agriculture and using renewable energy more extensively.

Give the team a call on 024 7669 6512 to find out more.