Tuesday, 23 March 2021
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by Jenny Beynon

Mitsibushi-led consortium awarded grid-link licence for world’s largest wind farm.

Read our top five energy-related news stories from the last couple of weeks. Energy is always in the news in one way or another, from renewable energy technology advancements and the latest from the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to advancements in energy saving and sustainability. In this blog, we
Friday, 19 March 2021
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by Elisa Evans

Final Green Gas Support Scheme design released

Announced with very little fanfare yesterday was the outcome of the government’s consultation into the future support for Green Gas, cunningly called the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS). On first glance, and as entirely expected, this looks very much like a continuation of the RHI for Biomethane
Friday, 19 March 2021
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by Ben Ablewhite

Electric car subsidy cut: how harmful is it?

The Government have announced that the £3,000 electric car grant will be slashed to £2,500 and the list price threshold will be reduced with immediate effect in a move that many commentators are pointing out isn’t exactly supportive of our Net Zero ambitions.
Thursday, 18 March 2021
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by Mike Bond

The Spring Budget: its impact on Climate Change

I recently wrote the following for AHDB GrowSave and it was an interesting thought worth sharing here: At a time of such fragility for the battered economy, the Spring Budget was always going to be a challenge: could the Chancellor maintain progress on existing issues such as climate change, whilst
Tuesday, 16 March 2021
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by Candace Robb

Half Hourly contracts and what you need to know

We have taken a lot of calls recently from NFU members who are not completely familiar with half hourly (HH) meters and the different types of contracts that you can get. Some members have accepted contracts where they have been quoted an incredibly good unit rate, only to find on their first bill
Thursday, 11 March 2021
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by Elisa Evans

ADBA 2021 Annual Conference

Catch up here if you missed it.  I recently attended the ADBA National Conference on 16/17 February. Due to the pandemic, it took place online featuring a variety of speakers from across the AD industry including Dr Jonathan Scurlock from the NFU.
Tuesday, 09 March 2021
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by Joshua Robinson

Is your electricity Authorised Supply Capacity in check?

Your Authorised Supply Capacity could be one of the biggest unnecessary costs you’re paying for on your electricity bills and you might not even know. Once you have arranged fair supply contracts for your Half Hourly electricity supplies, it’s easy to assume that what you’re paying isn’t costing
Thursday, 04 March 2021
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by Sophie Archer

Ofgem Open Letter on Regulatory Position Statements

Are you still waiting for an environmental permit for your RHI application? Have you already requested use of a Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) to allow you to operate while you wait? Are you worried about your RHI accreditation procedure in light of EA delays and ever growing permitting queues?
Tuesday, 02 March 2021
Low Carbon Agriculture event logo
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by Steven Jackson

Low Carbon Agriculture show online: 09-10 March 2021

Low Carbon Agriculture, transformed this year into an online event that begins at 09:30 on 09 March 2021. The event is all about how our NFU net zero ambition will be delivered, through the generation of renewable energy, the implementation of low carbon technology, and best practice in both carbon
Tuesday, 23 February 2021
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by Sophie Archer

Do you need an Air Quality Assessment?

Are you installing a new combustion plant? Applying for planning permission or an environmental permit for your combustion plant? Do you require an environmental risk assessment?


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