Tuesday, 16 October 2018
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by Jodie Hisgett

Caring for your business energy at the Care Show

Ashley and I will be attending the Care Show at the NEC, Birmingham on Wednesday and Thursday this week promoting the money and time-saving services FEC Energy can offer to businesses in the care sector. We are always keen to allocate time to go and see our existing clients as well as meet
Thursday, 11 October 2018
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by Ed Hardy

The best way to circulate air in a glasshouse

On Tuesday 09 October, a group of around 20 growers attended a GrowSave event on Air Movement, hosted by W. D. Smith and Son near Battlesbridge, Essex. The day was split into two sessions:
Tuesday, 09 October 2018
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by Ed Hardy

Sharing is caring

Over the past few months, GrowSave, a knowledge sharing project that we deliver on behalf of AHDB Horticulture, has been running a pilot study group implementing Next Generation Growing (NGG) techniques in the UK horticulture sector. The group is a mix of growers of protected edibles, soft fruit
Thursday, 04 October 2018
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by Jon Swain

Support Scheme for Renewable Heat scheme opens in Ireland

It’s been years in the planning but with very little fanfare, last month the long-awaited Support Scheme for Renewable Heat was opened in Ireland. FEC Energy participated in an event publicising the new scheme to horticultural business in and around Dublin on 25 September.
Tuesday, 02 October 2018
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by Mike Bond

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive – are you affected?

Since our last blog (16th August 2018), guidance has been published and more information has come to light on the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD).
Thursday, 27 September 2018
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by Oli Coe

Ensure fool proof ESOS compliance

Every four years, larger companies are required to audit and report on their business’s energy usage, under the Energy Savings & Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) run by the Environment Agency.
Tuesday, 25 September 2018
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by Jenny Beynon

Project to install heat pumps in retirement homes to save 4,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide

Read our top five energy related news stories from the last couple of weeks. Energy is always in the news in one way or another, from renewable energy technology advancements and the latest from the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to advancements in energy saving and sustainability. In this blog, we
Thursday, 20 September 2018
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by Jon Swain

Grant scheme for rural business update

Farmers and growers can now claim grants of between £35,000 and £1 million, for up to 40% of their investment in a battery storage system through the "Improving Farm Productivity" grant.
Thursday, 13 September 2018
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by Ed Hardy

The benefits of double screens

The use of screens in horticulture is fairly common these days. Many different types exist, each designed with a specific function in mind. All screens will reduce light transmission to some extent; the most transparent screens will allow around 90% of the light through, while a blackout screen
Tuesday, 11 September 2018
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by Thomas Wilkins

Replacing your RHI system

Ofgem has announced a significant change to the RHI scheme to be effective from the 01 October. This change will allow participants to replace accredited heating systems such as boilers, engines and heat pumps so long as they retain the same technology category and participants accept the


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