Tuesday, 29 August 2023
Sophie Archer's picture
by Sophie Archer

Navigating MCPD Surrender and Relocation: A Vital Step in Boiler Ownership

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy management, compliance with regulations is of paramount importance. 
Friday, 25 August 2023
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by Joshua Robinson

Autumn Buying Group Offer - a 'Lite' Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our first Buying Group with British Gas Lite, meaning you will still benefit from great prices with a household name, backed with support from the NFU Energy team.
Wednesday, 23 August 2023
Six reasons why you should join the NFU CCL Scheme before it's too late!
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by Steven Leil

Six reasons why you should join the NFU CCL Scheme before it’s too late!

In the current dynamic landscape, where environmental issues are a focal point, businesses in every sector are being urged to take action and contribute to combating climate change. 
Monday, 21 August 2023
Thomas Ovenden's picture
by Thomas Ovenden

NFU Energy joins forces with Forster Group to drive solar solutions for the agriculture sector

NFU Energy has announced Forster Group as its new approved supplier of solar and associated roofing services to the agriculture sector.
Friday, 18 August 2023
by Molly Bourne

Why you can trust us with your energy contract

Joshua Robinson, our Head of Contract Sales at NFU Energy, shares valuable insights for making decisions about securing the best contracts for your business.
Thursday, 17 August 2023
Katie Elmer's picture
by Katie Elmer

ESOS Phase 3 - deadline extended and latest updates

Government has announced a six-month extension to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS). The compliance date has now been extended to 5 June 2024. See what this means for you.
Tuesday, 15 August 2023
by Molly Bourne

Empowering Communities for a Sustainable Future: The Community Energy Fund

The UK Government has taken a step towards a greener future by launching the Community Energy Fund, a £10 million initiative aimed at supporting urban and rural communities in developing their own renewable energy projects. 
Monday, 14 August 2023
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by Jenny Beynon

Introducing NFU Energy's New Wind Installer: Alternative Energy Contracting (AEC)

In a world where the need for sustainable energy solutions is more crucial than ever, NFU Energy proudly introduces our latest innovation in the field of renewable energy - Alternative Energy Contracting (AEC).
Wednesday, 02 August 2023
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by James Wayman

Maximising CHPQA Success: Stay Ahead with NFU Energy’s Early Data Review

The Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA) annual certification process is a crucial requirement for all Responsible Persons (RPs) operating Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generators in CHPQA. 
Tuesday, 01 August 2023
NFU Energy's new price comparison website
Joshua Robinson's picture
by Joshua Robinson

Take control of your energy costs with our brand-new price comparison website

We've got some exciting news! We are pleased to launch our online energy price comparison tool. It's time to revolutionise how you manage your energy expenses; giving you the freedom to compare and switch to suppliers offering more favourable deals, as well as saving valuable time and effort.


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