Leaking pipe work shown up in an RHI HealthCheck
Thursday 12th of December 2019 | Posted In: News and Views

Is your system compliant?

If your Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) accredited system is several years old, has been modified since installation or, if you are uncertain whether it would pass an Ofgem audit, then our RHI HealthCheck service could be of interest to you.

Our RHI HealthCheck replicates the one carried out by the Ofgem audit. One of our experienced engineers will visit your installation and look at your system in detail highlighting any areas of concern to you.

What is an RHI HealthCheck?

To ensure that your RHI payments keep coming in, it is important to keep up to date with your ongoing compliance. In fact, installation and accreditation is just the start when it comes to life with a biomass boiler. An RHI HealthCheck provides you with peace of mind, by helping keep your system RHI compliant as well as preparation for an audit.

A site visit based RHI HealthCheck provides for peace of mind that your RHI accreditation will stand up to Ofgem scrutiny. This is better than a desk-based assessment because:

  • The RHI HealthCheck will be more comprehensive.
  • An experienced engineer will spot compliance issues and installation problems that a simple review of paperwork will not show.
  • We can review and discuss on-site fuel handling and reporting procedures to ensure these are appropriate.
  • We will discuss alterations and changes that have been made since accreditation or planned.
  • The RHI HealthCheck will closely mirror an Ofgem site inspection.

How does it work?

One of our experienced consultants will visit your installation and look for areas that may be a problem. These can include:

  • System configuration and compliance
  • Record keeping for fuels and heat use
  • System changes and updates since the original application
  • Discussing any issues with data submissions
  • Identifying opportunities for improvements.

Our engineers will talk you through any necessary changes and you will then receive a report letting you know what is being done well and what needs further work to maintain RHI compliance.

What you need to do

Call us on 024 7669 8899 or email renewablesteam@nfuenergy.co.uk to find out more and to arrange your RHI HealthCheck.