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Tuesday 10th of November 2020 | Posted In: Compliance, Comply, Generate

Is your installation audit ready?

The start of November saw a fresh round of customers being selected for non-domestic RHI audits by Ofgem, this was across all technology types and sizes. This renewed resolve is likely to lead many scheme participants to question whether their installation is compliant and could be considered audit ready.

If you are unsure then why not enquire about our HealthCheck services…

RHI HealthCheck-Lite

The good news is that we can undertake this type of check without visiting your site. Our RHI HeathCheck-Lite is a desk-based assessment carried out by one of our experienced engineers. We assess your paperwork and records, looking for potential issues that could result in non-compliance - any practice or process that deviates from Ofgem submitted documentation, any failure to notify system changes, and any gaps in record keeping. This includes items such as:

  • Historic heat meter readings
  • Fuel/feedstock records per installation
  • Sustainability calculations and any relevant land criteria evidence
  • Maintenance and service records
  • Evidence of commerciality of heat uses (where appropriate)
  • Formulae for the calculation of Eligible Heat Output (EHO)

RHI HealthCheck

A more in-depth site visit (when/where suitable) based check of your system against compliance criteria and ongoing obligations on the scheme. In addition to the service outlined above, this includes:

  • A site visit where an experienced engineer will spot compliance issues and installation problems that a simple review of paperwork may not show.
  • An assessment of heat metering against manufacturers installation instructions.
  • The option to review and discuss on-site fuel handling and reporting procedures to ensure these are appropriate.
  • The option to discuss alterations and changes that have been made since accreditation or are planned.
  • The RHI HealthCheck will closely mirror an Ofgem site inspection.

Whichever one of these services is of interest to you, there’s no need to wait to delay, so call us on 024 7669 8899 or email to find out more.