Infographic for electricity buying group
Tuesday 25th of August 2020 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Buying energy

You too could benefit from NFU member buying power

Using the ever-growing buying power from NFU member’s electricity supplies we can offer competitive electricity prices with trustworthy suppliers through our NFU Electricity Buying Group.

We helped members save over £1million through cheaper energy contracts last year and now we help save them even more through our buying groups group purchasing. We are gathering as many NFU members as possible and tasking suppliers to give us a bulk price for our groups. This way, we can get savings of up to 10% on normal one-off contract prices.

As the group grows in popularity the suppliers are upping their game with the offers they are making. For example, back in June, we got some great discounted rates from EDF Energy as well as an exclusive credit bonus for members who signed up to the buying group offer during the month.

How it works

Savings are achieved by grouping NFU members every month with electricity contracts finishing within the same renewal window to obtain prices as a group instead of individually. The bigger the group the better the savings so with some groups using almost 20GWh in annual consumption, giving it greater buying power, we can get some competitive offers.

How can I get prices?

If you are renewing your electricity contract in the next six months and would like to hear what prices we could offer, please give our team a call on 024 7669 8885 with a copy of your bill to hand.