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Tuesday 7th of January 2020 | Posted In: Generate, Use and Manage, Comply

Wrapped up with ESOS… now for SECR

The second round of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is now complete. NFU Energy assisted nine clients with achieving compliance, and in each case, the Environment Agency was notified in time for the 5 December Phase 2 deadline.

The aim of ESOS is to compel company directors to consider their energy footprint – something which for many organisations is not seen as a priority issue, other than as an unavoidable cost that may be managed by seeking a lower tariff. Compliance with ESOS is mandatory for qualifying larger organisations and requires the collation of energy consumption data, as well as the auditing of end uses by a qualified Lead Assessor.

Although the deadline has now passed, many organisations are yet to comply, and may, therefore, expect one of a range of fines to be levied against them. Everyone else can relax until ESOS Phase 3 but must keep their Phase 2 Evidence Pack carefully in case they are chosen for audit – NFU Energy is aware that audits from 2015’s Phase 1 were still being conducted in 2019.

And by “relax”, we mean, prepare for the next big thing: Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR), an annual framework with requirements similar to the first half of ESOS – the data compilation, without the audit; so it really is time to begin recording ancillary energy uses, such as bottled gas or fuel for business travel, in a formal way. The effort will not be wasted.

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