Engineer auditing pipework and machinery
Tuesday 27th of October 2020 | Posted In: Generate, Use and Manage, Renewable energy

Working together

By working together with Myriad Heat and Power Products we can support customers with a complete Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) service, from the start through to ongoing compliance.

Myriad is a specialist biomass installation and service business operating since 2002. They currently manage over 750 boilers and have installed over 2,000 commercial and industrial biomass boilers. Their nationwide network of in-house engineers is trained in 30 boiler makes and are backed up by the office team for seamless support to their customers. Myriad’s approach is to maximise performance and reliability whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

How it works

Once an installation is in place and providing heat for eligible processes, Myriad Heat and Power Products offers an RHI Accreditation service, which our experienced RHI engineers deliver. The same goes with any ongoing scheme compliance, by offering our RHI HealthCheck service.

Our RHI HealthCheck service is a thorough check of an installation against Ofgem criteria for eligibility and ongoing compliance. We will collect the necessary documents that we will need and arrange the site visit with the customer. We will organise a site visit and then present a full report to the customers. 

Who has it worked for?

Myriad Heat and Power Products asked us to complete RHI HealthCheck’s on two RHI accredited systems that were space heating poultry houses.

One system was a 500 kW Herz biomass boiler connected to five poultry houses with a backup gas boiler on the system. This system applied to the RHI in November 2013 and was approved in January 2014. The second system was for a 600 kW Herz biomass boiler connected to three poultry sheds, with a backup gas boiler. This system applied for the RHI in September 2014 and was approved in December 2014.

During the RHI HealthCheck, we came across one of the most common errors we find. This applicant was only recording meter readings quarterly (when the submissions are due). However, we ideally advised weekly but at a minimum, monthly meter readings. This is so that meter errors can be highlighted quickly. RHI audits have started asking “how do you know your meter readings are correct”. It is difficult to assess these if you only have quarterly readings. There were also some site-specific issues we identified around serial numbers being mixed up, the way fuel was being recorded and lack of planning permission evidence on one of the systems.

We then provided Myriad Heat and Power Products with two RHI HealthCheck reports for the customer which outlined the recommendations we have made and the reason why these are important. This resulted in the customer compiling an audit folder which contained all the information that an auditor would want to see. This provides peace of mind that should an auditor turn up everything is in one place and it contains all the relevant information and documents. It will need to be kept updated regularly but it is a very useful process.

If you would like to find out more about our RHI HealthCheck service and how we can work together to provide a complete RHI service for your customer then give the team a call on 024 7669 6512.