Friday 18th of August 2023 | Posted In: Contracts

Why you can trust us with your energy contract

Joshua Robinson, our Head of Contract Sales at NFU Energy, shares valuable insights for making decisions about securing the best contracts for your business. Discover the key factors to consider and learn why utilising NFU Energy can be your solution for obtaining the most beneficial energy contracts.

Q: What are the key factors farmers should consider when choosing an energy supplier and negotiating a contract?

A: While price is often a big driver, there are several considerations we look at: what time of day the energy is most used, ease of contacting the supplier, and annual spend would often be our top three. That said, consistency can be important, and we often find if the previous relationship has been good then our competitive rates often make it easier for members to keep the relationship with their existing supplier via the NFU Energy Buying Groups.

Q: How can NFU Energy assist farmers in navigating the complexities of energy contracts and finding the most suitable options for their specific needs?

A: The energy market is more complex than ever, with government support schemes being confusing at best. Most members are uncertain about what they are entitled to and what they can expect to see on their energy contracts. NFU Energy has liaised with government and suppliers to understand the market and offer great support. In addition, the return of our Buying Groups sees us pair members with the best contract for their specific requirements.

Q: Are there any renewable energy options or incentives that farmers should explore when negotiating energy contracts?

A: Most definitely! With many food purchasers trying to go green there are some that incentivise members to purchase green, renewable energy contracts and to obtain a “green” certificate. NFU Energy has bespoke agreements with suppliers that enable certification to be issued regardless of usage and this can benefit members with uplifts in things like their milk prices. In addition, the coming years will see the appetite for renewable energy grow so the team can assist on the best supplier for your business.

Q: Can you provide some examples of how NFU Energy has helped farmers optimise their energy contracts and achieved cost savings?

A: We have partnered with more suppliers than ever before and offered in-depth knowledge throughout the energy crisis. This has benefited members with the opportunity to look at their energy contracts at the best time. As well as this, our Buying Groups have seen us present over £3,000 in vouchers to members in our prize draws, while still commanding prices that are often far cheaper than renewal letters received from suppliers.

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