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Thursday 23rd of January 2020 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Buying energy

Why is my meter information required?

Most energy contracts are quoted based on the Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN). This is part of the supply number which consists of two rows of numbers with a large ‘S’ in front of them as shown below:








Most supply prices offered in the energy market are based on the same key bits of information derived from this supply number.

Profile Class (PC)

The profile class (the first two numbers on the top row) indicate the type of meter you have, and this can range from a 00 (Half Hourly) up to a 08 profile. If you still have an 05-08 profile class, these are classed as Max Demand meters and are no longer fitted as new meters. Your supplier may choose to upgrade this to a ‘00’ Half Hourly profile in the future.

Meter Timeswitch Code (MTC)

This information, combined with the profile class, helps the supplier identify the time patters of usage the meter measures. This shows whether the meter has a single rate, a dual-rate (Economy 7), evening and weekend as well as many other setups.

Line Loss Factor (LLF) and Distribution ID

These will help the supplier identify the relevant distribution charges for the MPAN and what area of the country you’re in. The Distribution ID ranges between 10 and 23 and allows us to locate who distributes your energy. Therefore, you may sometimes find very similar supplies in different areas of the country have varying prices. This will be due to how much it costs to get energy to areas of the country that are easier or harder to distribute to.

Your energy usage

Another factor that affects the price you’re given is the consumption of your meter. The energy supplier will sometimes have prices banded into brackets of energy consumption. A larger consumer will often be offered a cheaper price simply because the supplier will make a better overall margin for winning a bigger contract than a smaller contract.

Due to the above factors, it is not uncommon to receive a range of different prices if you have more than one meter and in some cases, it may be cheaper overall to have different suppliers for different meters or different consumption bands.

At NFU Energy, we will search for a range of suppliers to ensure each meter is offered the best price we can obtain. Where you have multiple supplies, and where we feel the volume is collectively strong enough, we may suggest tendering them as a group to get suppliers to bid for the overall volume to try and get a better price.

To discuss your energy contract renewal, including the benefits of joining our NFU Electricity Buying Group, call the NFU Energy contracts team on 024 7669 8885. Plus, keep up to date with other energy related news at www.nfuenergy.co.uk.