Greenhouse, AD plant and CHP engine
Tuesday 26th of January 2021 | Posted In: Generate, Use and Manage, Energy saving

What we can do for you

Here at NFU Energy we really are a one stop shop for all things business energy related. We often find our customers come to us for a particular reason but have no idea of all the other services we can offer them. Here is a small selection that might be of benefit to you.

Energy Account Management

Our Energy Account management is tailored to you and your business. Any two or more of our services can be put together into a bespoke package that gives you all you need to manage your energy needs. For an agreed fixed monthly fee, we will take care of all your energy contract negotiations, any reporting and rebilling, manage your incentives and compliance needs and much more.

NFU Energy Buying Groups

We have helped members save over £1million through cheaper energy contracts last year. And now we can help save even more for our NFU members through group purchasing. We are gathering as many NFU members as possible and tasking suppliers to give us a bulk price for our groups. This way, we can get savings of up to 10% on normal one-off contract prices.

These buying groups are exclusively for NFU members.

Energy Efficiency audits

An in-depth assessment of where, when and how you use energy and potentially waste it, within your business. From the efficiency of equipment and processes like heating, cooling and lighting, to how well buildings, stores and specialist structures are built, maintained and used. This really is the best first step in reducing your carbon footprint.

Feasibility study

We can test the feasibility of your project, to help you avoid costly mistakes and work out if it is a worthwhile investment. We can assess when and how you use energy within your business and advise on how the various technologies such as solar and wind might fit your business. We consider the various incentive schemes for viability and produce a detailed written report outlining returns, typical costs and payback periods.

Environmental permitting

If a site has combustion equipment that is rated greater than 1 MW and less than 50 MW thermal input, then a Medium Combustion Plant Directive permit is required. The actual date when this environmental permit is required is dependent on plant type, size and age. We have a great deal of experience in managing what can be a complex and time consuming process.

We provide advice and practical support to businesses, with a special focus on agriculture and horticulture. To find out more about any of these services give the team a call on 024 7669 6512.