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Tuesday 11th of August 2020 | Posted In: Compliance, Comply, Generate, Renewable energy

Update on all things RHI

We hope you are doing well in these unprecedented times and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a few things going on in the world of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Ofgem update industry on RHI tariff guarantee

Following the announcement from BEIS regarding the RHI extension for tariff guarantee projects due to COVID-19, Ofgem has shared an update with the latest information that covers: 

  • Extension of commissioning deadlines for current allocation of tariff guarantees. 
  • New allocation round of tariff guarantees
  • Tariff guarantee budget allocation

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It's time to be prepared for an Ofgem audit 

Ofgem audits on RHI accredited systems are on the rise now that lockdown restrictions are lessening.

If an auditor uncovers compliance issues you could, at best, face lengthy delays in payments while you sort out inconsistencies, while a serious breach could result in being thrown off the scheme and money paid reclaimed.
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Do you need to amend your RHI application

If you have already made or are planning changes to your RHI system, then you will need to submit an RHI amendment to update your application. Get in touch with the team to discuss the best way forward and how we can manage the process for you...
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