Thursday 14th of July 2022 | Posted In: Compliance, Comply

Standard Rule, Part B and MCPD – Do you need to Surrender?

Do you have a boiler that was installed before December 2018 that is operated under a Part B permit with your Local Authority? Is it larger than 5 MWth input? Or maybe you operate a plant on a Standard Rule permit but have additional plants on site that are not yet subject to the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) Permitting Regulations? If so, there are critical regulation changes you need to know.

Part B permits are required for the operation of waste wood plants that are over 50 kg/hr firing capacity (i.e. fuel consumption). They are predominantly put in place for boilers less than 1 MWth input, but the Environment Agency will be taking on the regulation of such plants by 2025 and 2030; capacity dependant.

Standard Rule permits are for specific site activities (such an Anaerobic Direction) and combustion of various fuels in boilers of specified sizes (permit dependant).

Plants over 5 MWth will need to apply for an MCPD permit with the Environment Agency soon (late 2022/early 2023) in order to be compliant by 01/01/2024, regardless of whether it is:

  • A new bespoke permit,
  • A variation of an existing site permit, or
  • A replacement permit.

Plants over 1 MWth but less than 5 MWth are required to hold a permit by 01/01/2029 but are now welcome to apply in advance as the Environment Agency anticipates significant delays and an unprecedented amount of applications due to the number of plants in this bracket.

Any site with plants that meet the upcoming MCPD requirements will need to hold their new permit before they surrender their existing Part B or Standard Rule permit; they should not be used in conjunction with each other.

All newly permitted plants with the Environment Agency are also required to adhere for emission testing, which is required to be completed within one of three timescales:

  • Within 4 months of their permit being issued
  • By 01/01/2025, or
  • By 01/01/2030.

This is to allow for the implementation of any secondary abatement plants that may be required to meet the stricter emission limits. For instance, Part B permits have higher emission limits for certain pollutants, so plants that did not require abatement previously may now need it.

If you require any advice or assistance regarding MCPD permits, Part B permits, permit surrenders, and Environmental Management Systems, please call the NFU Energy team on 024 7669 6512.