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Thursday 24th of June 2021 | Posted In: Use and Manage

Outsourced Energy Solution

With a rapidly changing market and varied landscape of incentives, how can you ensure your business is staying compliant, making the most of your energy assets and savings costs? NFU Energy’s Account Managed service provides you with access to a team of industry experts that can take care of all your energy requirements within one package, overseen by a dedicated Account Manager. The aim of the service is for your Account Manager to become an extension of your team, a trusted partner in energy.

Benefits of taking NFU Energy’s Account Managed Service:

  • Competitive Energy Prices: We will compare energy prices from a wide range of suppliers and monitor the markets on your behalf.
  •  Eliminate Administrative Burden: Mandated compliance and energy incentives come with a lot of record keeping, monitoring, and reporting. We can help to eliminate the burden of keeping up with the requirements of each scheme.
  •  Minimise Risk: We can assist you in remaining compliant with all voluntary and mandated Government schemes, minimising the risk of potential penalties and loss of income.
  •  Maximise Income: Our team of industry experts can ensure you are taking advantage of Government incentive schemes to make the most out of your energy assets.
  •  Industry Expertise: The energy landscape is continuously changing, and our team of industry experts can advise on the feasibility of future products and advise on changes to existing and new legislation.
  •  Meet your net zero targets: Now is the time to act to begin the journey of meeting net zero by 2050. Many retailers have set their target for all suppliers to be net zero by 2030 and we can help advise and implement the best strategy for your business.
  • Avoid Overcharging: Ensure you are being billed accurately from your energy supplier.

We understand that your business is unique and as such our Energy Account Management service can be tailored to meet your needs. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us today and one of the team will be happy to talk you through our portfolio of services and discuss a bespoke plan for your business.

Our website offers a full list of the services we can offer as well as access to our news and views blog, keeping you up to date on the latest movements in the industry.

Find out how NFU Energy can help you with all your energy needs by giving the team a call on 024 7669 6512.