Our continued green partnership with leading energy supplier, E.ON Next
Thursday 26th of October 2023 | Posted In: Contracts

Our continued green partnership with leading energy supplier, E.ON Next

In a significant move towards promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness, we're proud to announce our continued partnership with E.ON Next, a renowned leader in the energy sector. Our ongoing relationship marks a significant step in the agricultural and horticultural industry's commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

E.ON Next, dedicated to smarter, more sustainable energy, will continue to be one of NFU Energy’s key energy suppliers to our customers.

Benefits include:

  • 100% renewable energy on all contracts
  • Established UK supplier
  • Minimised risk of billing issues
  • Access to call centre team

The agricultural and horticultural industry has long been associated with high energy consumption, making this collaboration between NFU Energy and E.ON Next particularly noteworthy. By providing renewable energy solutions, E.ON Next is not only reducing the carbon footprint associated with agricultural operations, but also ensuring a more stable and sustainable energy supply for farmers.

With our deep-rooted connections in the farming community, NFU Energy is perfectly positioned to facilitate this transition towards cleaner, more eco-friendly energy sources. This partnership promises a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and, in turn, contributes to the UK's commitment to achieving Net Zero carbon goals.

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