Tuesday 19th of March 2019 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Buying energy

Our buying groups are changing for the better

Following feedback from our NFU members, we’ve listened and are making some improvements to our NFU Electricity Buying Groups.

We have recently just closed another quarterly buying group with 435 NFU Members benefiting from the savings available. However, some members weren’t able to join as they didn’t get their contracts back before the deadline, for reasons such as not having enough time as the deadline was too close to the NFU conference and half term or simply that the window given to apply was just too small.

As we now have over 2,000 supplies within our four quarterly buying groups, we’re now in a better negotiation position with the energy suppliers which means we are able to offer prices once a month rather than once a quarter. This means members can choose to join at any time as long as there is plenty of time left before your contract starts. So if you miss a particular set of prices, we will be able to offer you the buying group price with our chosen supplier the following month.

Prices will still fluctuate each month with the market, so if you have time to snap up a price while they’re good we recommend you do so nice and early. However, the discounts from the suppliers will remain healthy, so it will be a great way to achieve a fairer price in a rising market.

If you would like to find out more about the buying groups and how you can join call the team on 024 7669 885.