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Tuesday 18th of February 2020 | Posted In: Buy and Sell, Buying energy

A month in the life of our buying group

We helped members save over £1million through cheaper energy contracts last year and now we help save them even more through our NFU Electricity Buying Groups group purchasing. We are gathering as many NFU members as possible and tasking suppliers to give us a bulk price for our groups. This way, we can get savings of up to 10% on normal one-off contract prices.

Over the last three years that we have been running the buying groups the savings on offer have increased due to the group buying power of members. What exactly happens during the month to ensure that the buying groups run smoothly, and members get the best price saving available.

Day 1 – Firstly we check that NFU Members with a Non-Half Hourly contract ending within the relevant period are set to go into the group and add any newcomers.

Days 2-4 - By now we’ve received prices from a few trusted suppliers. We always compare price, discounts and special offers but also their customer service when choosing a supplier to recommend to members.

Days 4-6 -  At this point, we send the prices out to the members.  The letters include one, two, three and four year prices, useful information, an authority letter allowing us to secure the contract on your behalf and a direct debit mandate to complete. Members then have around two weeks to get back to us with their paperwork to join the group.

Days 7-20 – Calls and contracts start coming in thick and fast. The team then work together to submit the contracts to the supplier as quickly as they can. We also contact members who we haven’t heard from to ensure that no one missed out!

Days 21-24 - The Buying Group closes and we send out our final reminder emails.

Days 25 – 31 – We now make sure everybody who didn’t sign up to the group either gets an alternative offer.

To find out how you could benefit by being part of a buying group give the team a call on 024 7669 8885.