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Wednesday 11th of September 2019 | Posted In: Renewable energy, Generate

Last chance to vote…

NFU Energy has put forward our Head of Technical Delivery, Oli, to be appointed to the Board of the Wood Heat Association (WHA) to represent non-wood biomass interests. Voting closes on Sunday 15 September read below to find out what Oli has to say and get your vote in today…

I am delighted to be standing as one of the candidates for the Board of the Wood Heat Association (WHAto represent non-wood biomass interests, with the full support from NFU Energy. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself personally for those who aren’t aware of what we do and who we represent as an organisation.

We work as energy consultants extensively within agriculture and horticulture, as well as other industries. So, we are familiar with policies aligned with the UK’s environmental aims. In fact, our parent organisation, the National Farmers Union recently outlined the plan for farming to become carbon net-zero by 2040, emphasising the commitment to this challenge into the future. As another demonstration of our commitment to the biomass fuel industry, we established the Sustainable Fuel Register, which is a simple means by which Renewable Heat Incentive participants, using primarily non-wood fuels, can demonstrate their compliance with the Sustainability Requirements.
The role that biomass will play to meet these goals can’t be underestimated and the impact that organisations, like the WHA, have within these discussions will be significant. You will have received by now information on voting from the WHA Enewsletter, meanwhile my statement can be found here - should you want to call me for a chat, my number is 024 7669 8899.