EV charging points
Tuesday 8th of February 2022 | Posted In: Renewable energy

Introducing our new EV vehicle feasibility service

If you are thinking about making the switch to electric vehicles but aren't sure or need to present a full business case, it might be worth having us crunch the numbers to see if it's right.

We will identify whether light transport and handling equipment is suitable for swapping to electric vehicle (EV) alternatives, based around a 6- month feasibility study and the resultant data. 

A number of different vehicles can be monitored, including cars; vans; quad bikes; UTV; 4 X 4s; telehandlers; and small tractors. Using analytical tools we assess the data to determine daily energy requirements and how EV alternatives would compare in terms of battery capacity, charging time, charging point locations and power delivery.

We will also consider the electricity supply to your site and the charging points and capacity requirements to meet the operation of an EV fleet. This could include an assessment of the sites electricity generation potential, possibly with battery storage that would be required to enable as much as practically possible self-generated electricity to be supplied and used by the EVs.

Our new telemetry and monitoring service will give you accurate metrics to give you the power to make informed choices about whether electric vehicles would make sense for you now in place of combustion engine vehicles. 

To find out more and to discuss your EV needs please give the team a call on 024 7669 6512.