Tuesday 18th of December 2018 | Posted In: Generate, Comply, Use and Manage

Introducing Eirinn…

Our team is growing rapidly and Eirinn Rusbridge recently joined our team of engineers. In this blog, he introduces himself and tells us about his past experience, over to you Eirinn…

It’s been a month since I started at FEC Energy as a Graduate Engineer, and so far it has been great. Everyone that I have met has been friendly and the other engineers have been eager to get me involved with their projects, helping me up to speed with everything.

After graduating, the majority of my experience has been with solar PV, so I’ve quickly taken on the responsibility of having any solar panel enquiries directed to me. This has been an invaluable experience; giving me a good idea of how customer interaction works here and giving me some more confidence when talking to clients.

As I am still new here, I have been trying to dip my feet into as many different projects as possible to learn all I can about the business and the renewable energy industry. So far I have attended a GrowSave event on heating and lighting for soft fruits - featuring talks from Edward Hardy and Jon Swain, been involved with Medium Combustion Plant Directive applications, Renewable Obligation Certificate calculations, and licensing exemptions - just to name a few!

One of my larger projects has been developing a tool that will work alongside the Sustainable Fuel Register to give an end-to-end Greenhouse Gas emission calculation that complies with the Renewable Heat Incentive sustainability requirements. This has involved extensive searching and combing through legislation and directives, as well as some fairly complicated spreadsheets. While it has been a challenge diving down the rabbit hole of long-winded and legally worded documentation in the search of relevant data, it has been a welcome experience. I’ve learned a lot and think that once completed if all goes well, I will have made a valuable tool.

The future work that I am looking forward to being involved in is electricity forecasting and site visits. I’ve attended a few meetings and briefings on our electricity forecasting tool and now I am just waiting on some of the weekly responsibilities being delegated to me. I come from the rural South-West so I definitely feel at home in the environment here at FEC Energy, and I am excited to get out into the field and put some real world examples to the site diagrams and schematics that I have been working with so far!