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If you have a G59 relay, don’t leave it too late to upgrade

April 2022 UPDATE - The last funding window will close on 10 May 2022.  If you think you have a G59 relay and haven't made the necessary changes, or aren’t sure then get in touch.

If your generator is already compliant then you now must declare this as soon as possible through a compliance declaration on the ENA portal.  https://www.ena-eng.org/ALoMCP/


Who does this apply to?

Do you have a G59 relay that was installed before February 2018? If the answer is yes, then it needs to be updated to the new rules by September 2022.

Why are we telling you to sort this now? Well, this is the last chance you will get to get costs reimbursed through the Accelerated Loss-of-Mains Change Programme (ALoMCP).

What do I need to do?

Depending on the type of generation you have, you will either need to change, or disable the loss of mains settings you have, or it may be necessary to install a new relay.

If you are already compliant, you must let the ENA & DNO know by completing a compliance declaration.

How much will it cost?

Although this is site specific, the ALoMCP is a nationally funded project that is offering grants to help pay for the work.  As we are coming to the end of the scheme, funding is ramping down, but the majority of the costs will still usually be covered through funding.

What if I do not have the work completed?

Compliance with the Loss of Mains regulations is not optional.  The changes are mandatory, and right now there is funding available to incentivise compliance.

Generators that are not compliant after the deadline will not be tolerated due to the inherent risk that they pose to Great Britain’s power supply and communities.

Those not compliant from 01 September 2022 will be subject to an enforcement process that could result in the de-energisation of your site.

Once the funding is used up or when the scheme closes, you will have to pay for the work yourself, so the sooner you apply the better in the longer term.


We can help you with these changes so that you are able to apply for the funding or with compliance declarations. Call us on 024 7669 6512 to find out how we can help you.