Tuesday 10th of July 2018 | Posted In: Comply, Renewable energy

How healthy is your RHI accreditation?

Ofgem has started to increase the number of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) audits and you may be surprised at how easy it is to fail an audit. We have had a number of people asking for help with non-compliances following an audit. This can delay payments or potentially move accreditation dates. The aim of the RHI HealthCheck is to highlight non-compliances and inform of best practice so that in the case of an RHI audit, the customer can be happy that their system complies with the RHI regulations.

The RHI HealthCheck is split into 3 parts: System checks, Record Keeping and Sustainability.

System Checks

  • Checking that serial numbers and nameplates match with the information submitted to Ofgem on the RHI application.
  • Checking that heat meters are installed to manufacturer’s instructions and are in the correct position.
  • Checking any external pipework, lengths, diameter, insulation type and thickness.
  • Ensuring the installed system matched the RHI application and is in line with the RHI regulations.

Record Keeping

This is the most common issue picked up in Ofgem Audits. Fuel records and meter reading records should be kept up to date and taken regularly. This ensures that if there are any problems with the system it is spotted and fixed quickly.


All fuel used in an RHI system needs to be shown to be sustainable; there are a few different ways to meet Ofgem sustainability criteria. Whichever way has been chosen, there should be records and evidence to back this up.

How can we help? FEC Energy will come out to your site; we will review all the documents that were submitted to Ofgem and check that all this matches your physical system. We will also discuss the best ways to keep meter recodes, fuel records and maintenance records.  Following the site visit, we will provide a report on the findings and advise on any information that is missing.

The purpose of these HealthCheck’s is to provide peace of mind that your system is compliant with the Ofgem regulations and matches your application. It is also to ensure you are meeting all of your ongoing obligations and have this information in a presentable format to Ofgem if they require this.

FEC Energy has been involved with the RHI scheme since day one and we have supported approximately 1,000 applicants.

If you would like to discuss this further then come to the UK AD and World Biogas Expo at the NEC, Birmingham this week, 11 and 12 July, to talk to the team, we will be on stand G605 or call 024 7669 8899.