Thursday 11th of April 2019 | Posted In: Energy saving, Use and Manage

How energy aware are you?

During a recent poll of UK office employees, EON found that a whopping 60% of us are completely unaware of what energy saving practices are being undertaken in our own offices.

A very small percentage (<4%) of the 500 people surveyed actually believe that energy management and energy saving is an important area within the business, whereas a massive 37% chose IT as a more important area of focus.

The main areas taken from this survey include employees not bothering to turn off monitors or computers at the end of the day, whereas they were more likely to do so (i.e. TV’s, lower their heating etc.) at home.

As an energy company, with a history of energy efficiency knowledge (including the Energy Horizon Audit Scheme, a self-audit scheme ran by NFU Energy aimed at growers and farmers, covering both agricultural and horticultural production), we do try our part; especially since our office refurbishment, which includes an Air Source Heat Pump, automatic lighting, PVC double glazing and roof insulation.

After having been involved in the putting together of many an energy efficiency report over the last four years, I’ve picked up a few bits and pieces and understand just how much the little changes can save a company – is a room empty and not in use? Make sure the equipment and lights are off. Is it more than warm enough in the office? Turn the heating down a couple of degrees.

Every little helps to save on your energy bills!

However, that’s not to say that we’re perfect ourselves – we’re still getting used to the new heating and cooling system and we may occasionally be found with a window or two open and with the air conditioning system still on…

If you would like to find out more about our self-audit scheme or how we can advise you on all energy efficiency improvements give the team a call on 024 7669 6512.