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Tuesday 28th of May 2019 | Posted In: Comply, Compliance

How complaint are you?

If you have an approved RHI application then there are several ongoing obligations with which you need to comply with to claim payments. These are laid out by Ofgem which administers the RHI scheme on behalf of the Government.

Instances of non-compliance identified or reported to Ofgem can result in the following consequences:

  • suspension of your application
  • a halt on all RHI payments
  • reconciliation of overpayments
  • revocation of accreditation

So our advice to you is don’t wait to be audited and be prepared in advance for a scheduled/unscheduled audit! Below is a list of some of the documents you are likely to need at the time of the audit are as follows:

  • Fuel Records
  • Meter Reading Records
  • Meter Calibration Certificates
  • Environmental Permits
  • Planning Permissions
  • Commissioning Certificates
  • Data Sheets of equipment (boilers, engines, meters, pipework etc.)
  • Heating Schematic
  • Invoices for Fuel/Feedstock used

We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining records, please always consider:

  • Meter Records – required as often as possible, ideally daily or weekly
  • Fuel Records – record everything that is put into your installation
  • Drying Records – if you receive RHI payment for commercial drying
  • Maintenance Records – keep these in a safe place and up to date
  • Modifications – changes to a system will likely require you to notify Ofgem
  • Sustainability – the inputs to your fuels must be recorded and reported
  • Audits – All information relating to the application must be retained for this purpose

For the ‘definitive’ guide, of your ongoing obligations, please visit Ofgem’s RHI website to download the full guidance document:

‘Renewable Heat Incentive Guidance Volume Two: Ongoing obligations, payments’ -

Remember you must allow Ofgem reasonable access to your installation and infrastructure so they can ensure you are compliant with the remain compliant on the scheme; any modifications to your installation must be notified to Ofgem with 28 days.

If you are unsure about your ongoing obligations, then please get in touch on 02476 696 512 or email us at,