Large heat pump in a building
Thursday 3rd of September 2020 | Posted In: Generate, Generating energy, Renewable energy

A further 20% reduction in RHI Tariff for large water/ground source heat pumps

Ofgem has continued to cut the RHI tariff rate for large water/ground source heat pumps (100 kWth and above). The latest digression will come into force on the 01 October and will see the tariff reduced by a further 20%.

Over the last three quarters of the year, there have been reductions in this tariff, with this latest reduction taking the Tier 1 rate down to 5.58p/kWh, just above half of what you would have received in March 2020.









What this means is that any systems that want to be on the 3rd allocation of tariff guarantees for large water/ground source heat pumps should (if possible) apply for before the digression comes into place.

To do this you must have planning and a plan on what you want to install and what you want to heat. You should also have funds lined up and contracts in place, as you will need to evidence this for Stage 2 of the tariff guarantee.

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