A large heat pump outside a farm building
Tuesday 8th of December 2020 | Posted In: Renewable energy, Generate

Final tariff reductions for the non domestic RHI

Large water and ground source heat pumps (100 kWth and above) have again been hit with a 20% tariff reduction. This will see the rate drop to Tier 1: 4.47 p/kWh & Tier 2: 1.33 p/kWh for the remainder of the RHI scheme.

You can apply for a Tariff Guarantee to try to get on the scheme before this digression, but we have been notified that the budget for large water and ground source heat pumps has already been taken up. If you apply you are put in a queue and unless applications pull out of the Tariff Guarantee scheme or additional budget is reallocated, you will not receiver a Tariff Guarantee.









Interestingly there is also a 10% digression for deep geothermal plants, deep geothermal systems are defined as those generating heat using naturally occurring energy in the form of heat located and extracted at least 500 meters below the surface of solid earth.

This is their first digression taking them from 5.56 p/kWh to 5.00 p/kWh.

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