Tuesday 29th of August 2017 | Posted In: Biofuels, Buy and Sell, Buying energy, Compliance, Comply, Energy saving, Generate, Generating energy, Renewable energy, Use and Manage

FEC Energy joins the NFU

This week has seen changes here at FEC Energy that brings positive news for both our clients and staff alike. We have sold the FEC Energy Ltd business to the National Farmers Union (NFU) in a strategic move which recognises the increasing involvement of farmers in the energy business. Up to now, FEC has been privately owned by the directors but our long term informal business connection with NFU has now become a true marriage.

Whether you are in or out of agriculture or indeed an NFU member or not we will be maintaining our current customers and our business activities and we’ll have the same staff in the same building.

Our long term ambitions are to break down the commercial and technical barriers which stifle agriculture’s influence in the energy sector.  We’ll be seriously looking at new trading routes for farm energy both within and beyond agriculture, making NFU members an even greater influential force in the energy arena.

From FEC Energy’s business perspective, it’s a great opportunity. Being part of NFU will massively increase our commercial exposure and enable us, because of NFU’s significant buying power, to strike even better deals with suppliers.  NFU’s lobbying and industry intelligence will enable us to hone a marketing response to whatever the energy industry come with, and set up new and mutual beneficial trading relationships between the energy and agricultural sectors.

Exciting times ahead I think.

Pictured: NFU Director General Terry Jones and FEC Energy Managing Director Chris Plackett