Thursday 27th of September 2018 | Posted In: Comply

Ensure fool proof ESOS compliance

Every four years, larger companies are required to audit and report on their business’s energy usage, under the Energy Savings & Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) run by the Environment Agency. If your business has 250 or more employees or an annual turnover of €50m and balance sheet of € 43m, it falls within the scheme, which implements the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive in the UK (hence the compliance levels being in Euros). The scheme first ran in 2014-15 so the second phase is now upon us. Qualifying businesses must register with the scheme by the end of 2018, and then submit their full assessment by the compliance date of 5 December 2019.

What’s involved?

You will need to employ a registered Lead Assessor, who will analyse and audit the energy your business uses, both in its buildings and by any vehicles it owns, over the preceding year. The Lead Assessor will produce a report which details your energy performance and suggests improvements you could make, showing the likely costs and benefits. There’s no obligation to implement the recommendations – but they should feed into decisions on future investment.

FEC Energy has registered Lead Assessors ready to carry out the work; in fact, we’ve already started the Phase 2 process with some of our clients. The assessment begins with a full set of energy and fuel consumption data for a 12-month period covering 31 December 2018, so you could be gathering that information now, getting us off to a good start. Once that’s been analysed, we will identify which sites we need to audit, by means of a simple walk-round looking at energy end uses to see where the opportunities for improvement might be. Finally, working together we sign off and submit the report and then you’re compliant for another four years!

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