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Tuesday 5th of July 2022 | Posted In: Energy saving, Use and Manage

Energy Efficiency: Are you on track for reaching Net Zero?

NFU Energy has extensive experience in compliance and auditing...

Getting a handle on your energy use and carbon emissions can be useful to help you benchmark, make improvements and keep tabs for internal reporting on both money and carbon spend. Having a robust energy audit forms part of your overall business strategy, giving you key markers and indicators to get your business on the right path to net zero.

At NFU Energy (as longstanding UK energy consultants) efficiency has long been our most popular topics of discussion with our customers. Thanks to our position within the agricultural sector making on-farm improvements in energy use for over 70 years, our unique understanding of land management, generation, incentives and procurement give us a broad view on what’s needed to help businesses now. It’s crucial for UK businesses to get better understanding energy if we are to meet our net zero targets. In our work we oversee agriculture and the food chain and also public sector, Universities and Schools and private businesses too.

How does it work?

One of our experienced Engineers will come and visit your site, figuring out what the day-to-day use is onsite for running your business. They will also check your data to profile any changes of use throughout the year to better understand your full onsite use. The audit identifies any energy saving opportunities and gives you a baseline of your energy use to measure against in the future. The detailed written report has recommended actions for improvement – including any estimated cost and payback. As part of this service, we can also look into feasibility for any new equipment, including renewables.

If you choose to go forward with any recommendations it is also worth noting that our permitting department can make any applications and submissions to the Environment Agency or Ofgem should you need them.

NFU Energy will give you a completely bespoke calculation to give you more detail and accuracy to assist you in making steps better progress towards Net Zero. For more details call one of our experts on 024 7669 6512 or email the team on [email protected] .