Thursday 4th of August 2022 | Posted In: Use and Manage

Dairy Lighting Technology Review For AHDB Dairy

An introduction to light system management for the UK dairy farms including emerging lighting technologies, the benefits of Long Day Photoperiod (LDPP) and farmer case studies...

The GrowSave programme’s Dairy Sector work aims to identify and publicise the latest technologies that can help dairy producers to improve their efficiency – specifically energy efficiency, but also it highlights and promotes climate and environmental improvement actions.

In considering the future for the dairy industry and agriculture, we must consider the move towards the “triple P” concept: People, Profit, Planet. This principle outlines the importance of stewardship in an increasingly environment conscious world, where reputational benefits may also contribute to access to funding, secure the right to supply, or form part of a claim for Environmental Land Management payments (ELMs). The pressure from government to move towards the concept of public goods, ELMs, the Clean Air Act, Agriculture Bill and new welfare codes all provide the rationale for this work to be done.

Many factors contribute to a good dairy lighting system beyond using the most recent and efficient technology. Managing the photoperiod length, light intensity and uniformity can have significant physiological effects on a dairy herd. Impact on milk production is of key interest in this review, but other benefits such as calf growth, udder health and cow fertility are all affected by lighting systems.

The review is wide ranging and contains discussions of techniques, technologies, and principles, in detail depending on availability of evidence. It is intended as an introduction to light system management for the UK dairy industry and will benefit the industry, also guiding further GrowSave activity, you can read it in full here... 

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