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Thursday 8th of July 2021 | Posted In: Use and Manage

Complex compliance at Vitacress

The Vitacress Group are leading growers and packers of salads and speciality vegetables. We completed the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) registration and return for Vitacress over their 20 sites with a combined total of 41 metering points, and included sites participating in the United Kingdom Emission Trading Scheme (UKETS) and Climate Change Agreements (CCAs).

For those sites participating in UKETS, we helped with the annual scheme requirements of data and report submission, ensuring that the correct data was being gathered and processed in the most efficient manner.

We also reviewed and drafted carbon reduction procedures and then handed them over to Vitacress so that they could continue to comply with the scheme with only light touch involvement from us.

Our consultancy services have allowed Vitacress to make more informed decisions about their involvement with the UKETS scheme, and how to best approach their compliance in the future, minimising any likelihood of the company incurring penalties and fines for incorrect submissions or failing to meet the required reporting criteria.

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