Electric Vehicle charging point
Tuesday 19th of July 2022 | Posted In: Generate, Generating energy

Charge up your business with NFU Energy

EV car sales rose by 186% in 2020, with EVs enjoying new sales records each year since pre-Covid-19 levels. If you are looking for a charging solution for your business, NFU Energy offers a whole host of different solutions, whether you are looking for a personal charger (in certain circumstances*), commercial or lease. 

What speed charger can I have?

The supply you have onsite dictates what size and speed charger you can have installed. If capacity is an issue, we don't necessarily rule out installing charge points because we can use what is known as ‘phase balancing.’ This is where one main charge point is fed into the main supply and then the other charge points feed off that.

For example - If you have four chargers on a 22 kilowatt supply and all four charge points are in in use, the speed will significantly drop. If on your 22 kilowatt charger you have two EVs connected, they will each receive 11 kilowatts of power, and then it will drop down to approximately 5 and a half, then down to 2.75 and so on. It does reduce the charge speed, but it can still provide a number of charge points if this suits the site.

If you have an office and are going to offer charging to your staff as a free service, our current solutions are not right for you.

If you own the land however, we can look at lease agreements as an option at no cost. We offer profit share schemes for those who are interested and these can be profitable if you have attractive land in a popular site. Payments through the machines can be made via contactless, RFID cards or via an app.

What we offer in our EV charging service:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • Alfen products (Pro-Line)
  • Surge protection and earthing protection
  • RFID cards can be used to charge
  • Both dynamic and static load management options if capacity on site is close to maximum
  • Even faster charging points (up to 150 kW) available via DC charging
  • Branding on your charge points

If you are buying chargers as part of your business or planning on leasing out your land we can help. If you run a fleet of vehicles and need to understand the impact of switching over to EV we can run a full diagnostic feasibility study for you too. Please fill out the form contact us on 024 7669 6512 or on [email protected] to find out more.

*We cannot assist with domestic charge points unless it is being paid for by a business, as in the case of farmhouses in certain circumstances.