Tuesday 5th of December 2017 | Posted In: Comply, Energy saving

CCL Scheme members... will you reach your next target?

The end of December marks the half-way point of your CCL “Target Period 3”. We will be opening our online CCL data return on 01 January 2018 to allow operators the chance to submit 2017 energy and production data. Reporting in January 2018 isn’t compulsory, however, we encourage you to complete a data return because:

  • It will show you how you are progressing towards your next target.
  • We can process any changes you’ve made that affect your legal agreement, this keeps you legal and avoids any unnecessary fines.
  • You will save time next year as you’ll have gathered half of the data you need for your next compulsory target period submission.

What do you need to do now?

  • Check that your energy use and production records since 01 January 2017 are up to date. Your records will need to include:
    • Usage data for all fuels including renewables
    • Export data for any electricity you have generated on your site/s
    • Your production (for most horticulture sites this is production area)
  • Make sure any invoices have been checked against your own meter readings and you have resolved any discrepancies with the supplier. If you find any issues that can’t be resolved, ensure you have the necessary documentary evidence.
  • Be ready on the 31 December 2017 to take meter readings and stock-take any bulk fuels. If you can’t do so on this date, make sure the readings are as close to this date as possible.

Operators have until 31 March 2018 to take advantage of the mid-point reporting. If you choose not to make a return we will not chase you for your data.

Remember, any mid-point reporting is not automatically used when you make your 2-year CCL Data Return at the start of 2019. The main aim is to indicate how your site is progressing towards your next target.

If you find your site is not going to meet Target Period 3 reductions, don’t worry. You are eligible to claim CCL relief until June 2019 and paying a buyout fee is optional. We would still suggest you remain on the CCL scheme, make your Target Period 3 report in January 2019 and consider then whether continued membership of the scheme is viable.

We will send you an email reminding you of your CCL username and login details later this month. If you have any questions contact us at [email protected] or by calling us at 024 7669 3043.