Thursday 26th of November 2020 | Posted In: Comply

Are you ready for SECR?

As we are fast approaching the end of 2020, it is now even more crucial to have considered Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). If you qualify, your first SECR report will have been due in 2020, included in your annual report for your first full financial year starting on or after the 01 April 2019.

It is estimated that around 12,000 companies across the UK will need to comply with SECR. If your company meets any two of the following three criteria, whether it is listed, unlisted or a limited liability partnership, you will need to comply with SECR:

  • More than 250 employees
  • Turnover greater than £36 million
  • Balance sheet value greater than £18 million

If you have not yet reported on SECR, it is essential you do so to avoid any possible non-compliance fines. We are here to help, give me a call on 024 7669 6512 and we can talk you through what is information is required to be reported on and help you remain compliant.