Tuesday, 28 September 2021
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by Elisa Evans

NFU Energy's guide to Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

Renewable technologies are increasing in popularity due to their cost saving benefits and low maintenance costs, but also the ‘green energy’ they produce, which is vital in helping to achieve the NFU’s Net Zero target of 2040.
Friday, 24 September 2021
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by Eirinn Rusbridge

What to Consider – Solar PV Feasibility

Even though there are no direct incentive schemes for installations out right now, solar PV has an increasingly important place in the renewable energy space when placed in the context of global energy prices and the road to Net Zero.
Tuesday, 21 September 2021
Energy efficiency audit
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by Roger Stones

Why energy efficiency is not boring

Energy efficiency is not boring because it’s one of the cheapest ways to save energy and protect you from ‘spending money that wastes money’ – this term is explained further below.
Thursday, 16 September 2021
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by Candace Robb

Key UK Power Unit fire causes Energy Prices to worsen

Power prices at all time high following serious fire at Sellindge interconnector site in Kent, UK
Tuesday, 14 September 2021
Man and solar panel
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by Jon Swain

What does ‘Agrovoltaics’ mean to you?

Recently there has been discussion of a concept called Agrovoltaics, a new buzzword to add to the pile that epitomises the world of renewable energy. In short this is becoming to mean integrating solar photovoltaics with agriculture, in as many varied and innovative forms as possible.
Tuesday, 14 September 2021
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by Thomas Wilkins

Keep compliant with our new RHI HealthCheck-Lite

Introducing our latest Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) HealthCheck designed to help you meet your obligations and pass an audit, with no immediate site visit required.
Thursday, 09 September 2021
Silhouette of wind turbines in the sunset
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by Nick Spencer

Tariff Guarantee and Extension Applications update

Have you secured a Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Tariff Guarantee or Extension Application? If so, you have until the end of March 2022 to have your heating system installed and commissioned, and your RHI application submitted to Ofgem.
Tuesday, 07 September 2021
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by Thomas Wilkins

Tales from site – RHI HealthCheck – Drying

NFU Energy conduct Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Audits (i.e 'HealthChecks') to ensure participants are keeping up with their ongoing obligations and to advise on improvements.
Thursday, 02 September 2021
Electricity pylons with a sunset in the background
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by Candace Robb

Targeted Charging Review (TCR)

The Targeted Charging Review (TCR) by Ofgem has been assessing how residual network charges should be set and recovered in Great Britain as the energy network continues to evolve. The key driver of the review is the changing role of energy networks.