Tuesday, 31 July 2018
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by Jenny Beynon

London to be powered by 100% renewable energy

Read our top five energy related news stories from the last couple of weeks. Energy is always in the news in one way or another, from renewable energy technology advancements and the latest from the ‘big six’ energy suppliers to advancements in energy saving and sustainability.
Thursday, 26 July 2018
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by Oli Coe

Why using SFR is better than Self Reporting?

The Sustainable Fuel Register (SFR), delivered by us (FEC Energy) and Crops for Energy, came into operation in February 2017 and is an industry-led register of non–wood based fuels and provides participants with a simple way of meeting sustainability criteria.
Tuesday, 24 July 2018
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by Jodie Hisgett

With great power comes great… electricity prices

Our very first Half Hourly Buying Group saved participants on average 7.6% on benchmarked renewal offers.
Thursday, 19 July 2018
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by Andrew Morbey

CHP operators… did you get your new CHPQA Certificate in time?

This year FEC Energy completed a record number of 38 Combined Heat and Power Quality Assurance (CHPQA) annual submissions for sites ranging from 50kW to 9,000kW for both natural gas and biomass Combined Heat and Power (CHP).
Wednesday, 11 July 2018
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by Oli Coe

Put your energy in safe hands

Energy use for many businesses has a significant impact on the bottom line and an increasing impact indirectly on a company’s reputation within their respective industry.
Tuesday, 10 July 2018
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by Thomas Wilkins

How healthy is your RHI accreditation?

Ofgem has started to increase the number of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) audits and you may be surprised at how easy it is to fail an audit. We have had a number of people asking for help with non-compliances following an audit. This can delay payments or potentially move accreditation dates.
Thursday, 05 July 2018
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by Jon Swain

Why should you come to the UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018?

We’re looking forward to seeing many of our existing customers and hopefully many new ones at the UK AD and World Biogas exhibition next week.
Tuesday, 03 July 2018
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by Ed Hardy

The who’s who of horticulture met at GreenTech for whats new

The who’s who of horticulture came together on 12-14 June in Amsterdam at GreenTech, one of the biggest exhibitions of its kind for the industry. The event is a showcase of the latest developments and innovations in horticultural technology covering all aspects of growing.