Thursday 1st of March 2018 | Posted In: RHI Accreditation

No longer feeling the heat?

If you don’t know how healthy your RHI accreditation is, perhaps it’s time for an audit…

During the lifetime of any Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) installation, there is a chance of an OFGEM audit. This audit will be checking to ensure your system is still compliant and non-compliances can result in a penalty. Our RHI Health Check is available to provide peace of mind before any future audit.

What is the RHI?

The RHI is a 20-year scheme that aims to increase the amount of heat generated from renewable sources within England, Scotland and Wales. Eligible installations receive quarterly payments based on the amount of heat produced in that period. Tariffs depend on technology type and when the system was accredited.

What is the RHI Health Check service?

To ensure that RHI payments keep coming in, it is important to keep up-to-date with ongoing compliance. In fact, installation and accreditation are just the start, when it comes to life with a biomass boiler.

An RHI expert from the NFU Energy Service (delivered by FEC Energy) will visit the installation and look for areas that may be a problem. These can include:

  • System configuration and compliance
  • Record keeping for fuels and heat use
  • System changes and updates since the original application
  • Discussing any issues with data submissions
  • Identifying improvement opportunities

Our consultants will talk through any necessary changes and will provide a full feedback report with any actions required.

If the system was accredited more than two years ago, any changes have been made, or if it has been a while since it was last audited, the health check could be for you.

Call us on 024 7669 8887 or email to find out more and to arrange your Health Check.