How it works

It involves much more work than simply finding the best-fixed price contract, but it allows you to buy energy when you want to and not just when your contract renews. This might be:

  • When prices fall and you want to lock in a ‘win’.
  • When prices rise and you want to reduce the risk of further rises.
  • To allow you to buy little and often to smooth out the peaks and troughs of the energy markets.

Although more complex, it gives you more flexibility and control over your energy purchasing. 

Other key benefits of flexible-price contracts include:

  • Transparency: unlike fixed prices that are unique to your business, all flexible contracts are based on the published price.
  • If you change your usage to avoid the most expensive times of day you’ll save money straight away. 
  • The potential for lower cost: in order to guarantee a price for your electricity or gas in the face of shifting markets, suppliers add a risk margin to fixed prices. Flexible contracts remove that risk to suppliers and therefore the risk margin.

We place flexible contracts with suppliers every day and use our buying power to get the lowest possible supplier management fees – a key negotiable cost with this type of contract. The devil is very much in the detail and we ensure there are no hidden surprises and explain the pros and cons of any offer.

Use our Flexible service if you:

  • Spend more than £200k a year on gas.
  • Have a half-hourly metered electricity supply and spend more than £80k a year.
  • Want greater control over your energy buying decisions.

How you benefit

  • Expert advice you can trust – we are totally independent, know all about the different suppliers and have the latest prices, fees and charges at our fingertips.
  • Hassle free service – we manage all the complexity with this type of flexible buying on your behalf, as well as handling all the paperwork.
  • Lower energy supplier management fees – because we’re very good at negotiating this with suppliers.
  • Greater control over the biggest part of your energy bill – the cost of the gas or electricity itself.

Many of our ‘flexible’ clients also take advantage of our energy account management service.

What to do next

Call 024 7669 6512 to find out if flexible purchasing is the best option for you.

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