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Our Flex Collectives Service caters to a diverse clientele, ensuring that every business can benefit from optimised energy procurement:

  • Minimum Energy Consumption: Businesses with a minimum annual consumption of 1 GWh can take advantage of our Collectives Service to enhance their energy purchasing decisions.
  • SME Focus: Small and medium-sized clients can enjoy the benefits of a fixed-price alternative, providing stability and predictability in a dynamic market.
  • Medium-Sized Businesses: Businesses with commodity volumes below 80 GWh gain access to our specialised "Portfolio" product, offering tailored solutions to match their needs.
  • Bespoke Solutions: For larger volume clients (80 GWh+), our bespoke risk management solutions provide a comprehensive approach to energy procurement.

Why choose flex collectives?

NFU Energy's Flex Collectives Service is accessible to organisations consuming over 2 million kWh of energy annually. Even if you fall below this threshold, our unique approach allows you to join collectives, combining your consumption with other businesses for access to flexible benefits. Size is no longer a constraint, and you can make phased purchases over time.

  • Mitigated Risks: Bid farewell to the uncertainties of one-off fixed purchases. Our innovative approach reduces overall risks, ensuring a stable energy supply for your business.
  • Equal Market Access: Through active trading in the markets, all our clients benefit from the same commodity level, guaranteeing fairness and transparency.
  • Reduced Supplier Margins: We negotiate deals with suppliers to secure the best rates for our clients.
  • Unparalleled Access: Our commercial contract terms and market access capabilities surpass what's achievable through individual negotiations.
  • Value for Money: Through purchasing in accordance with overall portfolio position, and a risk strategy of designated parameters and triggers, brings a degree of certainty over your final billing*
  • Wholesale Market Advantage: Secure energy volumes at wholesale market rates, eliminating premiums.
  • Transparent Billing: Gain insight into the energy component of your bill with transparency in market levels achieved.
  • Diverse Strategies: Select from a range of strategies, from near-fixed price alternatives to savings-oriented risk management approaches.
  • Smart Procurement: Eliminate the need to time the market. Our service ensures you don't miss out on market opportunities.

Which option is right for me?

Our Flex Collectives solutions offer two strategies for electricity:

Strategy 1

Achieve high budget protection, closely mimicking fixed products while accessing market prices without premiums. Suitable to those seeking a strategy closest to fixed products but wanting access to market prices without premiums.

Although our service offering starts every October, entry can be achieved up to 18-months in advance using this strategy.  In today’s uncertain volatile market, this additional time can be extremely beneficial for those looking to reduce the risk of any further spike in energy prices and want to target lower opportunities when available.  

By making smaller, incremental purchases over a longer period of time, this approach allows us to target market lows and avoid market highs, whilst gradually building up a balanced position, regardless of the overall direction of the market. This ensures that by October of each year, we have completed all energy purchases for the prevailing 12-month period to provide the equivalent fixed price without the risk of trying to pick a good day to buy like a traditional fixed price contract approach.

Strategy 2

Spread risk through diverse purchasing, incorporating various wholesale products and timeframes.

Suitable to those that don’t require an annual budget in advance of an October entry point. This strategy is similar to Strategy 1 in which a final price is achieved over a long period of time, but unlike Strategy 1 we purchase energy before and during the delivery period. 

For example, multiple purchases are secured ahead of an October start date, along with smaller top up purchases closer to the delivery window, during the live contract period.  This type of approach is particularly useful for targeting shorter term markets, which can be more favourable in a falling market without the need to lock out in advance.

The end result is a combination of longer term and short-term prices allowing for greater flexibility to adapt to market conditions and without the need for understanding an annual achieved price in advance.

With NFU Energy's Collectives Service, energy procurement has evolved. Say goodbye to uncertainties and hello to stability, transparency, and optimised returns. Give the team a call today on 024 7669 6512 or email [email protected]

*Subject to addition of pass-through costs that NFU Energy has no influence over.

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