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J.H. Mitchinson

J.H. Mitchinson is a poultry farm business based at Beckstones Farm in Carlisle. Howard Mitchinson, together with his wife Barbara, has been running the business for the last 35 years producing 2,900,000 broilers a year. Their biggest energy use is the ventilation and lighting for their chicken sheds where, throughout the year, they use 570,000kWh with an annual spend of £65,000.

Howard initially contacted us for advice on comparing their electricity contract renewal after seeing an advert in the NFU magazine British, Farmer and Grower. Howard was forced to upgrade his business electricity meters to half hourly ones due to the P272 legislation brought in by Government. Simply put, P272 affected medium scale users of electrical energy, who were obliged to beef-up their metering systems to ones used by larger electricity users. This means that energy use will be recorded in half -hourly periods throughout the year, with contract rates that are based on his precise pattern of use.

He was concerned about this upgrade to his meter as he knew that there would be extra charges associated. However, although we couldn’t prevent the upgrade from happening, we were able to take on his tender to ensure that he got the most competitive prices and took care of all the paperwork.

Now J.H.Mitchinson has two half-hourly metered supplies and every renewal we check his Available Supply Capacity (a charge levied by the Distribution Network Operator for the amount of electrical capacity reserved on half-hourly metered electricity supplies) is set correctly, ensuring that he is always getting the best possible prices on the market. Howard no longer has to worry about his electricity contract and gets on with doing what he does best… running his poultry business.

Howard Mitchinson of J.H. Mitchinson said: “The staff at NFU Energy always provide great advice, especially when it comes to confusing Government Incentives. With their help, I always know I am paying the best available price for my electricity contract”

Key facts

  • Produces: 2,900,000 broiler chickens a year
  • Region: Carlisle, Cumbria
  • Annual energy use and spend: 570,000kWh and £65,000 

NFU Energy

  • Explained how the P272 legislation would affect the business
  • Made sure that J.H. Mitchinson never pay too much for their electricity
  • Found them an electricity contract 5 to 10% cheaper than other offers